Our kinship is a casual raiding kin. Our kin has a good image. We do not have that many rules but we do have a few.

  1. First and foremost we expect all kin members to respect eachother and other players in general. Your behavior will reflect on the image of our kin and we would not tolerate players who disrespect others.
  2. Our kin covers a large demographic so keep the kin chat clean. Everybody can make mistake in the heat of moment so we do have a tolerance level for mistakes.
  3. If you fall on the slighty hardcore side of gaming or are more knowledgebale then be patient with others, they may not have as much game experience as you do.
  4. If you are starting a raid, instance, skirmish, pvp or any group in general, ask the kinship first and then go to glff or world chat.
  5. Wiping is not the end of world and if it is for you, then maybe Casual Raiders is not the kin you were looking for.
  6. You can put stuff in Kin house chest and Kin Auction Hall for fellow kinnies to use on their need. They can be crafted items or world drops or other loot items that you do not need.
  7. Don't just take, but learn to give as well. We are giving and we like to see others giving as well.
  8. Keep prices fair on Auction Hall if the items are unique and rare.
  9. Differences can occur even between the best of friends so try to talk things out and try to resolve the issues and if an agreement can't be reached, then contact an officer.
  10. And lastly it's a Kinship, not a guild and that should mean something.