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So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,
The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders,

Not too long ago we were only two,
But then more people joined us and our troops grew,

We promoted raiding yet still being casual players,
Raiding at night and by day perfecting skills and slayers,

We accept everyone who wants to come,
We aren't elitists, all play styles are welcome,

We dont care about your LI's or gear,
Respect is given no matter what you wear,

So have no fear and join our ranks,
All the warriors, healers and tanks,

We promise to always respect you,
We do not need to ever inspect you,

You can be a hardcore raider or a trophy collector,
Just be friendly to all, thats the main factor,

Slowly and steadily we beacame a large kin,
Now we rarely pug but instead have fun within,

We are social and active and have a great reputation,
And teamspeak and kin house and website for more information,

Come be part of a revolution for life in Casual Raiders is never boring,
Where the elves are elegant, men mortal, dwafs strong and hobbits adoring,

The Middle-earth is full of so many creatures and history and lore,
With so many areas and mysteries to explore,

So let me welcome you to Casual Raiders,
The defenders of Middle-earth against the invaders.

Hail Friends and Welcome to Casual Raiders..We are a friendly group of active casual players of LOTRO with some hardcore players thrown in the mix..Our moto is to be nice and respectful to eachother and everyone else..We believe in being friendly and helpful to everyone..We have a large variaty of playstyles in kin..Some of us like raiding alot, while some of us like collecting housing trophies, which is awesome btw, while others like to craft..LOTRO offers us all equal oppertunity to enjoy what we like to do..
Afterall gaming is all about having fun and what is more fun then enjoying the experience of Middle-Earth alone? Its enjoying it with other likeminded nice people from all around the world..

Hope to see you all around in Middle-Earth!
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